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The Galbani Professionale™ team got a taste of victory at the 2017 International Pizza Challenge™ (IPC). This year’s team consisted of 26 restaurant chefs/owners who proudly wore Galbani chef’s coats and used Galbani cheese to top their signature pizzas.

We’re proud to announce that three out of the top five finishers in the Pan Division were members of the Galbani Pro Team: Leonardo Rago (2nd Place), Chris Decker (3rd Place), and Tore Trupiano (5th Place). Plus, top scorers in each division of the Galbani Challenge took home $250 in Galbani cheese. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Traditional - Brian Hall

BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse
Louisville, KY

Non-Traditional Massimo Mannino

Marabella Old World Pizza
Washington, NC

Pan - Leonardo Rago

Panino's Pizzeria
Evanston, IL

Napoletana - Ali Haider

786º Wood Fired Pizza Co.
Sun Valley, CA

Gluten-Free - Gino Rago

Panino's Pizzeria
Chicago, IL

These Galbani Pros

These Galbani Pros went on to earn honors in their respective categories using Galbani Cheese to top their pies.

Chris Decker, Metro Pizza presents his pizza.

Leonardo Rago

Panino's Pizzeria
2nd Place Overall—Pan

Chris Decker

Metro Pizza
3rd Place Overall—Pan

Tore Trupiano

Dominic's Italian Restaurant
5th Place Overall—Pan

Brian Hall

BoomBozz Craft Pizza and Taphouse
1st Place Southeast—Traditional

Rick Mines

Nima's Pizzeria
3rd Place Southeast—Traditional

Faro Trupiano

Trupiano's Italian Bistro
3rd Place Southwest—Traditional

John Vigliotti

Peppino's Neapolitan
3rd Place Northeast—Traditional

Mitchell Rotola Jr., Rotolo’s Pizzeria

World Pizza Games

Congratulations to Galbani Pro Team member, Mitchell Rotolo Jr., from Rotolo’s Pizzeria in Lafayette, LA, for his impressive performance in the World Pizza Games.

Mitchell Rotolo Jr.

Rotolo’s Pizzeria
1st in Fastest Dough
2nd in Pizza Triathlon
3rd in Fastest Box Folding