Cheese Plates


From casual to fine dining, cheese plates are appearing on more and more menus. A cheese course can be offered at the bar, before the meal, or even as an elegant alternative to dessert. Explore these helpful tips, inspiring recipes, and instructional videos to make cheese plates a highlight of your menu.

The Antipasto Cheese Plate

In Italian, the word “antipasto” means “before the meal.” And there’s no better way to kick-off an unforgettable dining experience than with a variety of fine Italian cheeses arranged and accompanied to showcase their unique flavors and textures.

Use these instructions as a guide to creating the perfect Antipasto Cheese Plate in your own restaurant. Remember, the portion sizes and accompaniments listed here are just suggestions. Use your own creativity and expertise to add a personal touch for an unforgettable platter.


Cheese Portion Accompaniment
Galbani® Ricotta 1–2 oz Lemon and Pine Nut Gremolata
Galbani® Bel Paese 1–2 oz Roasted Red Pepper Strips
Galbani® Fresh Mozzarella 1–2 oz Prosciutto, Balsamic Glaze and Basil
Galbani® Provolone 1–2 oz Pickled Giardiniera
Galbani® Gorgonzola Piccante 1–2 oz Agave Walnut Syrup

Arranging Your Plate

Cheese is best enjoyed when arranged from the most mild to the most intense. Here is our recommended order for this plate:

Arranging Your Plate
  1. Ricotta
  2. Bel Paese
  3. Fresh Mozzarella
  4. Provolone
  5. Gorgonzola

For maximum flavor, remove the cheese from refrigeration 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to serving.



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