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Galbani® Romano

This imported sheep’s milk cheese is tangier and sharper than cow’s milk Romano. It’s perfect for pizza, pasta, spinach dip, or as a simple accompaniment to salami and bread. When stored properly, wheels age well, so you can shave or grate what you need as you need it.

For blends featuring Romano, visit the Shred Blends section.

Galbani® Romano Products

  • Grated
    4/5 LB Imported Pecorino Romano Grated
  • Grated
    4/5 LB Romano Blend Grated

Kraft® Romano

Add bold flavor to your favorite recipes with Kraft Romano. Made with high-quality milk, the piquant flavor and dense, granular body make this cheese ideal for topping pizza, pasta, soups, and more. Available pre-grated to make it easier for your back-of-house operations.

Kraft® Romano Products

  • Grated
    1/50 LB Grated Romano
  • Grated
    1/50 LB Grated Romano Low Moisture